Multifultor – Thanks and farewell

First and foremost: Omni-Lookup is the successor of Multifultor which is also developed by Rolf Keller.

Many users have benefited from using the free program Multifultor in their daily work since 2010. Due to the popularity of the program, the developer made the decision to adopt a different licensing model to ensure that new features can be added to the application in future. This has already started: In contrast to Multifultor, Omni-Lookup can read and search in Excel files and .tbx files (e. g. IATE, Microsoft Glossary, ...) directly (with sophisticated wildcard searches and display options) with greater convenience than other programs. It can do this at the same time as searching any other data sources, just like Multifultor could.

Former users of Multifultor will be pleasantly surprised: The installation process has been simplified and Omni-Lookup can now be updated with a single click. If you are concerned about changing to Omni-Lookup from Multifultor, you can use both applications at the same time. Both programs run completely independently. The transition is seamless: You can copy your existing Multifultor configuration file to Omni-Lookup with a mouse click.

Omni-Lookup is a premium version of Multifultor – which is somewhat dated and no longer supported. The free trial version will convince you.

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