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When you purchase a license, you will be sent a license key for the program that you have already installed. Both unlimited and time-restricted licenses are available. You will need a license for each computer but you can transfer an existing license to another PC in case of hardware failure or after buying a new PC without hassle. You can find the exact terms of the license by clicking the »License« button at the bottom left of the main Omni-Lookup window. No catches: You can and should read the license terms in Omni-Lookup during the free 45-day trial period.

To distribute Omni-Lookup internationally, the developer Rolf Keller uses the reseller MyCommerce Share-It - Digital River GmbH which supports many countries, currencies and payment methods. The Store button below takes you directly to the price list in the Omni-Lookup online store; for legal reasons, it should be noted that this website is operated by a third party which has its own provisions regarding contract, data protection and liability etc.

   . . .  €  $  £  ¥  . . .   

You can set the currency for the online store on the top right of the screen.

Important: Prices as stated on the price list include VAT. Whether you are required to pay VAT depends on the country you are in, if you are a private or business customer and whether you have a VAT ID. After you enter your details, VAT will be deducted from your invoice in the online store should you qualify for this.

And if the price still seems expensive: Compare the cost of Omni-Lookup per month to the amount you would save even if you only save three minutes per month. And you will surely save more than three minutes per month with Omni-Lookup …

For site licenses for companies, translation agencies, training institutes, etc. please contact the address given in the imprint of this website.

Questions regarding ordering, payment etc. should be directed to the online store operator, but please read their customer information beforehand.

Please send technical questions regarding Omni-Lookup to the e-mail address given under Legal notice (see menu bar on the left side) rather than to the online store operator.