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Are you still struggling to find the right word?

As a translator, you’re most likely familiar with the problem – today’s deadlines are tight and researching terminology and synonyms costs valuable time. As organizations scrimp on proof-reading and editing, they expect higher quality texts from translators than ever before. And that means that you need to research more - including unknown vocabulary and difficult to understand phrases in specialist contexts. Sending a list of queries on delivering the job is often no longer an option: many clients expect you to answer the questions yourself. Many translators also frequently browse synonyms to improve text quality.

Practically, this means that you have to search multiple online and offline sources on a regular basis. As the number of sources increases so does the amount of time and energy taken to find what you need.

Omni-Lookup is the perfect research assistant for making your job easier. Simply click a word you want to research and Omni-Lookup starts searching through your favourite online and offline sources at the same time and displays all results clearly and efficiently.

This time and money-saving program runs under Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP SP2. Download the free, fully functional trial version to see how Omni-Lookup can improve your productivity.

User interface and detailed user guide in English and German.

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