Basic functions

Omni-Lookup can search in dictionaries and other databases – in fact almost anything that you can search by entering a query whether the resource is online or on your hard disk.

Although you don’t need a special program to do this Omni-Lookup can do a lot more: You can create any number of custom data sources and group them together so you can search them at the same time, without having to enter your query several times saving valuable time and avoiding typos (especially in foreign languages).

That’s not all – Omni lookup can also read the search term from the cursor position on the screen, which helps to avoid entry errors and saves even more time.

A short essay on the motivation behind the program “Why Omni-Lookup" can be found here.

If you have already used Multifultor, please click here.

Main sources:

  • Online glossaries & search engines
  • Offline dictionary applications
  • Windows-Index
  • TBX, TMX and Excel files

Many sophisticated features in Omni-Lookup have been inspired by specific challenges facing translators every day and it would be impractical to describe them extensively here. To get started, download the fully functional trial version and you can experiment with the features that help you best. You can always refer to the user guide (English and German) for more detailed information.

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